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Special Features / Suffixes

Feature Suffix
Static eliminator springSE
Hot-dip tin plating (pad only)TP
Tin plate allTPA
Electro tin platingETP
Silver PlatingAG
Internal FitI
External FitE
Center-formed padCF
Transverse padV
Side-formed padSF
Contact surface on both sides of padDF
Pads at anglesdegree deviation from parallel
Change to 1/2" hardware1/2HW
U-bolts in lieu of hex boltsU
Special construction (* descript special requirements)SP(*)
Stainless bolt, lock washer, and silicon bronze nutBCH
Smooth bore, No thread (* size of bore)SB(*)
Ground studGS
No LocksNL
Machined contact surfaceMCS
Schedule 80 accommodationH
Short barrelSHB
Silicon bronze hardwareSBHW
With out hardware shield (4x4 EHV)W0S
With one hardware shield (4x4 EHV)W1S
With two hardware shields (4x4 EHV)W2S