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Special Features / Suffixes

Feature Suffix
Static eliminator spring SE
Hot-dip tin plating (pad only) TP
Tin plate all TPA
Electro tin plating ETP
Silver Plating AG
Internal Fit I
External Fit E
Center-formed pad CF
Transverse pad V
Side-formed pad SF
Contact surface on both sides of pad DF
Pads at angles degree deviation from parallel
Change to 1/2" hardware 1/2HW
U-bolts in lieu of hex bolts U
Special construction (* descript special requitements) SP(*)
Stainless bolt, lock washer, and silicon bronze nut BCH
Smooth bore, No thread (* size of bore) SB(*)
Ground stud GS
No Locks NL
Machined contact surface MCS
Schedule 80 accommodation H
Short barrel SHB
Silicon bronze hardware SBHW
With out hardware shield (4x4 EHV) W0S
With one hardware shield (4x4 EHV) W1S
With two hardware shields (4x4 EHV) W2S